Triangle Analytical, Inc. is dedicated to building a network of selected partners, offering opportunities to companies that wish to partner with Triangle Analytical, Inc. As a Triangle Analytical, Inc. partner, you will be able to grow your business relying on service and support directly from Triangle Analytical, Inc.

Below you can find more information concerning partnership opportunities with Triangle Analytical, Inc.

Program Overview

The mission of Triangle Analytical, Inc. is “to offer quality, reliable, honest service and support to the rapidly expanding nuclear magnetic resonance community”. In order to fulfil our mission, we chose to work with partners providing synergistic products and services that add value to end users.

Here are the various ways we can investigate a potential partnership:

Bundling Partner

Do you wish to distribute and highlight the services of Triangle Analytical, Inc. as part as your offering? We can help you to reach a new target group and to enhance your offering with attractive benefits. If you want to find out more, contact us.

Consulting and Support Provider

Scientific Consulting, Service & Support Providers benefit from marketing and technical support directly from Triangle Analytical, Inc., taking care of customers needs in the territory where they are active. They help to develop various services that rely on the expertise of Triangle Analytical, Inc. If you want to find out more, contact us.


Interested in reselling commercial services provided by Triangle Analytical, Inc.? contact us.

Education Partner

Are you a school, college or university that wishes to teach practical “Nuts-and-Bolts” techniques to your students? We can provide you with a great educational package including training materials, initial training for teachers, and ongoing technical support. To learn more about our Education partner Program, please contact us.


You may wish to become our partner in other ways than those presented above. If so, please contact us and describe how you would like to partner with us.