Who We Are

Triangle Analytical, Inc. was founded on the principal of offering quality, reliable, honest service and support to the rapidly expanding nuclear magnetic resonance community. Headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, Triangle Analytical, Inc. is conveniently located within a seven mile radius of the Research Triangle Park and Raleigh-Durham International airport. Our state-of-the-art facility has the capabilities to refurbish, test, and install any spectrometer or magnet up to 600 MHz.

We are working hard every day to be the best independent, aftermarket NMR service and support company in the business – a company that works every day to earn your trust and your business. From our OEM-trained engineers and application scientists to our customer service group, Triangle Analytical, Inc. has assembled a team to tackle your toughest NMR service and support challenges.

World-Class Technical Service
The technical team at Triangle Analytical, Inc. has a combined 140 years of NMR service experience, with engineers located in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, and Ohio. Our engineers are highly trained specialists, proficient in all types of spectrometers and superconducting magnets (including older models) and most have OEM training. Our experience and integrity is unparalleled. Triangle Analytical, Inc. engineers have more experience than any third party service organization servicing, energizing and repairing 200 and 300MHz “R2D2” style magnets.

Service and Repairs
The quality of our work meets and typically exceeds OEM repair standards. Our services and labor are guaranteed. We do not invoice until work is completed as agreed to in our detailed proposal.

Magnet service and repairs include cryostat leak service, o-ring and seal replacement, room temperature shimming, reenergization, refurbishment, cold pumping, cryoshimming, shipping and transport.

We also offer complete service packages for most types of spectrometers and magnets. We know how systems are supposed to perform and can get the best performance out of your spectrometer.

Instrument Relocations
We move everything from Bruker’s® AC, ARX, Avance and old Chemagnetics®, to Varian® / Agilent’s® Gemini, Unity, VXR, Inova, Mercury and NMRS product lines. Why get two or more companies to do a move, when you can have one do it all? We test, de-install, pack, coordinate transport and re-install systems to previous performance levels and often many times better than before they were decommissioned.

Cryogen Service
Depending upon the type of magnet, liquid helium refill contracts are offered to include cryogens (coordinated and delivered by our supplier), travel and labor to refill your magnet on a prearranged schedule. We also offer liquid helium and nitrogen refill contracts for labs with five or more instruments in select areas. Your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed. We will not try and lock you into a multi-year contract and change prices or service levels mid-contract. Should an instrument be decommissioned during your contract term, we will reimburse you or credit your account the prorated amount remaining on your contract.

For Your Protection
Triangle Analytical, Inc. is fully insured for all the work that we do, both on and off-site. In addition, we have made substantial investments in acquiring the capital equipment required to offer reliable service and support.