Spectrometer Service

From basic troubleshooting to a complete overhaul of your NMR console, Triangle Analytical, Inc. has the experience to troubleshoot and calibrate new and old instruments alike. We solve the difficult problems that other companies give up on.

We know what good spectral data should look like and our years of experience mean we know how to coax the best performance out of your particular console. We are specialists in legacy instruments such as AC, AMX, Gemini, Unity, and VXR spectrometers.

As a service company, we are willing to troubleshoot down to the component level – from amplifiers to shim controllers (and everything in between) – we’ve got the background to isolate the problem and repair your spectrometer. Because we stock hard to find replacement parts, we can often get you up and running within days if a critical component has failed.

All of our support contracts include troubleshooting and/or preventative maintenance visits – service that often allows us to identify a failing part before it becomes a major problem.

Quality Systems Compliance

For laboratories that require it, Triangle Analytical, Inc. provides calibration and maintenance support that complies with ISO and GLP/GMP quality systems. If your lab has special calibration requirements, please give us call so that we may work with you.