In today’s competitive business environment all companies are trying to reduce costs while increasing efficiency. Analytical laboratory managers are faced with the challenge of operating technical centers with an ever-increasing diversity of instruments and techniques, with ever-present budget constraints. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance continues to be one of the most valuable analytical techniques for chemical structure exploration. Unfortunately, NMR instrumentation continues to be a corporate laboratory’s most expensive investment in terms of capital outlay and maintenance costs.

Triangle Analytical, Inc. is now being used by many of the largest and most efficient corporations around the world to:

Whether you are managing a single instrument for a specialty chemical company or multiple spectrometers for a large biotechnology enterprise, Triangle Analytical, Inc. delivers rapid and high quality aftermarket service and support that allows you get the most out of your new and existing NMR equipment. Triangle Analytical, Inc. provides tangible business benefits that help you stretch your budget while taking the hassle out of NMR instrument maintenance and support.

So Why Are You Waiting?

Partner with Triangle Analytical, Inc. today to significantly reduce instrument down-time, increase productivity and drive down operating costs. A NMR spectrometer may be one of the largest investments you make. Returns for partnering with Triangle Analytical, Inc. are immediate and substantial:

Partner with an Industry Leader

Triangle Analytical, Inc. is 100% focused on the business of servicing and supporting NMR spectrometers and superconducting magnets, offering end-to-end solutions for installing, testing and maintaining modern and legacy NMR equipment. In addition, Triangle Analytical, Inc delivers the following: