Technology continues to change the face of academic research and education, and the science of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance continues to play a valuable role in the physical and biological sciences. Although NMR instrumentation is an expensive prospect for most academic departments, numerous grant schemes and deep vendor discounts have allowed this technique to gain a large foothold in many colleges and universities around the world. From medicinal chemistry and structural proteomics to polymer science nanotechnology, NMR is the most powerful technique for investigating molecular structure.

Once a spectrometer is acquired however, the challenge and expense of maintaining such an instrument becomes evident. With many of these instruments being placed in multi-user environments, unique and difficult challenges can arise for academic laboratory managers. Triangle Analytical, Inc. is now being used by many of the most prestigious institutions around the world to:

Whether you are managing a single instrument for a small department or multiple spectrometers for a large academic NMR center, Triangle Analytical, Inc. is your source for rapid and high quality aftermarket service and support that allows you get the most out of new and existing NMR equipment. Partnering with Triangle Analytical, Inc. provides tangible benefits that help you stretch your budget as well as taking the hassle out of NMR instrument maintenance and support.

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Triangle Analytical, Inc. is 100% focused on the business of servicing and supporting NMR spectrometers and superconducting magnets, offering end-to-end solutions for installing, testing and maintaining modern and legacy NMR equipment. In addition, Triangle Analytical, Inc delivers the following: