Cryogen Service

Depending upon the type of magnet, cryogen refill contracts including cryogens, travel and labor start as low as $3,000 for a liquid Helium contract. We also provide liquid Helium and liquid Nitrogen refill services for labs with 3 or more systems. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and our contracts are simple. Unlike some suppliers, we do not try and lock you into a contract for multiple years and change your service levels in mid-contract. Our transfill contracts use the same engineers that install and service NMR systems. We do not use contracted refill services from inexperienced companies – our experienced people do the work.

Taking the Hassle Out of Cryofills

One of the reasons for outsourcing your cryogen replacement work is so you can stop worrying about cryofilling your magnets and get on with your research. The customer service team at Triangle Analytical, Inc. will work with you to arrange the most appropriate fill schedule based on your equipment type and usage schedule. Our service engineers monitor cryogen levels and boil-off rates so you don’t have to. In the unlikely event of a magnet quench during servicing, Triangle Analytical, Inc. guarantees that the magnet will be returned to pre-quench performance.