Full Service Relocation Experts

We move everything from Bruker AC/ARX/Avances and old Chemagnetics to Varian Gemini/XL/VXR/Unity/Inovas. Why employ two or more companies to manage a move when you can have one do it all? We benchmark, decommission, dismantle/pack, move/ship, unpack, provide all cryogens, and reinstall systems to previous performance levels – more often to levels that are many times better than before the instrument was decommissioned.

Location Consulting

“An ounce of prevention…“

Concerned about the new location for your instrument? Have you checked the height and weight restrictions of the instrument? Gas venting? What about vibration, RF, and/or ferromagnetic sources that can interfere with the performance of your magnet or spectrometer? The service engineers at Triangle Analytical, Inc. have moved thousands of systems and are experienced in minimizing the risks associated with relocating an instrument. Have one of our engineers visit your site before the move to ensure that the new location is ready to go. Such a visit could save you time and the expense of having to retrofit a location after a move is complete.