Optimized Magnet Performance

The quality of our work is unsurpassed, always meeting – and in most cases – exceeding OEM level repair. Our service and labor is guaranteed – we never invoice until work is completed in full as agreed in our detailed proposal. We support a wide range of magnets including Oxford, SpectroSpin, Varian, Nalorac, Chemagnetics and Magnex.

Magnet service and repairs include cryogen leak service, ring and seal replacement, room temperature shimming, re-energization, refurbishment, cold pumping, cryo-shimming, shipping and transport.

We offer complete service packages for all types of superconducting magnets. We know how systems are supposed to perform and can coax the best performance out of your magnet.

Emergency Magnet Quench Service

A magnet quench is one of the most expensive risks associated with your NMR spectrometer. Although such an event is infrequent with a properly maintained system, it can happen. Once the shock of seeing hundreds of liters of expensive cryogens rushing out of your magnet has subsided, it’s time to get your system up and running as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Triangle Analytical, Inc. has the equipment, the people and most important, the experience to return your spectrometer to what it is supposed to be doing – collecting valuable data. From rapid response cryogen procurement to seal replacement, pumping, re-energization and magnetic field stabilization and homogeneity, Triangle Analytical, Inc. can minimize your downtime.