NMR Silver Plan

Weekend Emergency Service
A weekend service visit usually incurs a $1500 surcharge. NMR Silver account holders receive a 50% discount ($750 surcharge).

Priority Response
Guaranteed telephone response within 24 hours and a service engineer on-site within 7 business days.

Free Technical Help Line
Direct line to a technical specialist who can answer your questions.

Preventative Maintenance Service
Two pre-scheduled preventative maintenance services per year to maintain magnet and console.

Quench Guard® Service
In the unlikely event of a quench, magnet will be filled, re-energized and the field stabilized. Magnets not meeting OEM boil-off specifications after re-energization will be rebuilt.

* A magnet quench is one of the most dangerous risks associated with the operation of your NMR spectrometer. Although such an event is infrequent with a properly maintained system, it can happen. Once the shock of seeing hundreds of liters of expensive cryogens rush out of your magnet has subsided, it’s time to get your system up and running as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Triangle Analytical, Inc. has the equipment, the people and most important, the experience to return your spectrometer to what it is supposed to be doing – collecting valuable data. From rapid response cryogen procurement to seal replacement, pumping, re-energization and magnetic field stabilization, Triangle Analytical, Inc. can minimize your instrument downtime. NMR Gold and Silver customers get Quench Guard® automatically with each service contract.

Labor and Travel
Labor and travel costs are covered by this service agreement and are provided at no extra charge.

Replacement parts at 35% discount.

Includes a contract for scheduled liquid helium cryogen fills.