Plan Comparison

  NMR Gold NMR Silver NMR Bronze
Weekend Service Surcharge(1) None 50% Discount 20% Discount
Priority Response(2) Next Day Telephone; 3 day on-site. Next Day Telephone; 7 day on-site. Next Day Telephone; 2 weeks on-site.
Technical Help Line Yes Yes Yes
Preventative Maintenance(3) 2 per year 1 per year 1 per year
Quench Guard Service Yes Yes Yes
Parts Included 35% Discount 25% Discount
Labor Included Included 25% Discount
Travel Included Included 20% Discount
Cryogen Contract (4) Included Included Included

1 Weekend service usually incurs a $1500 surcharge.

2 Telephone response and on-site labor response are detailed in program specifics.

3 Preventive maintenance visits for Silver and Bronze plans to be scheduled in conjunction with scheduled cryogen servicing.

4 NMR Gold, Silver or Bronze service plans include a contract for scheduled liquid helium cryogen fills to include cryogens, travel and labor.